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Spoilers! - For the love of GROOT'S ROOTS !! - Look away now!!!!

So many of you no doubt,
went to go see Guardians Of The Galaxy recently.
Bottomline on top: it was good.

Didn't bother to see it in 3D, but go see the 3D version if you like.
(I'm dirt poor, but even if I wasn't, I wouldn't bother with 3D myself,
don't care how "cool" it is said to be, it's just not that important to me).


Although the situations are dangerous and dire, the overall movie seems to me to be
a little less "serious" than the other films in the MARVEL movie universe.
(and I use the term IS a comicbook movie afterall)
But it works, it works all the way round.
Movie casting I thought was fine except for one thing....
I think that Karren Gillian's and Zoe Saldana's roles should have been reversed.
Karren Gillian should have been Gamora, and Zoe Saldana should have been Nebula.
But that's just me.

Now I have to admit that I wasn't that familiar with some the source material.
I did read some of the old JimValentino Guardians Of The Galaxy,
but had next to no knowledge about the current team.
All I knew about Gamora was that she was AdamWarlock's GF.
All I knew about Drax The Destroyer was that he was kinda like the old simpleminded Hulk.
(he also seemed less powerful here than in the comics, but hey,
just like THE Destroyer from Thor....this is movie-verse Drax)
All I knew about Groot was that he was originally from one those old
monster-of-the-week "StrangeTales" comics from the '60's
(somebody correct me on that)
All I knew about Rocket Raccoon was from his old '80's 4-issue limited series.
(which I still have, it's one of my favorites to this day)
As I understand it, everything in those 4 issues has since been thrown completely out
and now has no bearing on the character at all.
So I guess that means I know nothing! Nothing!
Absolutely nothing about him at ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL !!

(* dang ret-cons *)

Even so, I think that this was probably better for me as a viewer.
As I (no longer) had any preconceived notions as to what he (Rocket) should be like,
I think his character came off a little better than what I might have thought him to be.
He was even more endearing to me than his old comics version was.
Mostly because of 2 particular scenes in the film:
1st one is where he's at a bar and gets a little hammered, tanked, wasted, bombed, etc,
(sorry kids, his ToyR-Us plushie doll doesn't come with a beer bottle)
and starts spouting some really sad Frankenstien-esque rhetoric about his existence.
The 2nd scene was his emotional state in the aftermath of Groot's death.

Yes everybody, Rocket Raccoon really does steal the show in all scenes he's in.

When other characters that I was actually familiar with appeared,
I found that my foreknowledge bothered me a bit.
Ronan The Accuser's movie-verse incarnation was (to me) a little off because of this.
And as a result, I found it a little hard to keep myself from nerd nit-picking.
(sometimes I wish that I wasn't into comicbooks, where movie adaptations are concerned)
From comics, I recall that he was usually a villain because of
whatever particular circumstances happened to be around him
at any one time that both he and any heroes appear together.
(such is how the writers choose to write him I guess)
He's a ruthless jerk and a killer alright, but never been quite a really evil, EVIL guy.
This movie just made him a flat-out bad guy, which was actually fine for the sake of this movie.
Despite my hang-ups about him, I was happy to see him get his comeuppances at the end.

The Collector's segment of the movie was really fun.
His lecture on the infinity gems was great and I loved getting to see a Celestial there.
I kept trying to look at the background here to see if there were any fun EasterEggs to be seen.
I thought I saw an Anti-Venom in one of the tanks,
and apparently somebody in the audience yelled out that they saw ALF.
(did anybody else see that? I didn't)
And of course, by now everybody has probably heard of
Howard the Duck's scene after the closing credits.
Dunno if it was like this in other theaters across the country,
but that scene played here...half the audience laughed and applauded,
the other half made a disgruntled groan.
It'd be funny if MARVEL started using him for background cameos instead of StanLee.
One more thing about Howard though.
I have to say that.......
I really feel that way he appeared in his old '86 movie,
(a combination of a small actor in a full-body costume and puppeteering I think)
was actually better looking than this new CGI (?) version shown here.
(If you've never seen the old movie then just shaddap)

Well I suppose that's my take on the film.
Lots of fun for everybody.
Go check it out.


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