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So I went to see Pacific Rim today.
Totally Kick-@$$ man!

Doesn't suffer from the "shaky-cam" that plagued ManOfSteel.
A little cheesy here and there, and loaded with cliche' lines.
But what the heck, I'm sure nobody expected Shakespeare out of this flick.
Nothing to really complain about this movie except 2 things:
1st - I wish that Guillermo DelToro would have done the Transformers movies.
2nd - Out of ALL the giant robot animes out there…
the ONLY one that Pacific Rim gets compared to is Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Ever since the previews and trailer came out months ago,
I have noticed a rather common theme running throughout the
YouTube and even DA "comments" regarding this film.
That being….many of those notes and comments seems to like to compare
Pacific Rim to the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Comments state things more or less like:
-Guillermo DelToro watched NGE,
-This movie was heavily influenced by NGE,
-Looks like they made a live action NGE.
(not directly quoting……comments were "more or less" like this)

I'll not claim to have seen every giant robot anime ever made,
but I have been watching these types of shows since I was a kid.
I can say with certainty that I have seen a lot.
and also that I really disagree with the PR/NGE comparison.
Comments like those above, really make me scratch my head to no end,
and kind of make me wonder if whoever wrote them….
may not have ever seen ANY other giant robot anime besides NGE.
If anything....I'd compare it to Mobile Fighter G-Gundam.

Now PR definitely does not use the "SuperRobot" type of mecha designs
seen in the likes of Gurren Lagann, Mazinger, GetterRobo, GaiKing, etc.
I'd say that PR's "Jaeger" mech designs seem a little more liken to the Battletech, MechWarrior paper & pencil/pen RPG games of old.
I'd also say that any anime influences seem to come more from
MS Gundam, Patlabor, Macross, and even a little bit of BigO and GunBuster.
I am aware that these shows didn't have giant monsters in them,
but I am only referring to the (robot) designs.

Well maybe not GunBuster.
That mecha actually did fight giant monsters.
(giant space cockroaches…..for real)
I think Patlabor did too once, in at least 1 of it's 2 or 3 movies.
In addition, GunBuster overall really did lean a little more toward the SuperRobot genre too.
But I think it should be mentioned that GunBuster, also used 2 pilots for operation….as seen in PR.
(Heck, GB is bigger than any of the Jaeger mecha seen in PR.
and would probably have been the only one needed to wipe out any and all of PR's Kaiju)

NGE's "EVA" mechs were not even true 100%  mecha.
They were part…..Kaiju.
Cyborg monster/mechs really, ala'Godzilla universe's own Gigan, Mogera, and even one of the later MechaGodzillas.
In addition, NGE's EVA mech designs were not really as……industrial looking……
in the way that PR's Jaeger mechs were.
(that's just how I describe it)
When NGE's EVA mechs moved around, you never really saw a lot of any moving machinery/parts.
When PR's Jaegers mechs moved, you pretty much see all the servos, pistons, gears hydraulics clearly visible.
PR's mechs were also not piloted be whiny teenagers,
even if some of them had similar.…issues as seen in NGE.

PR's Kaiju designs also do not seem to me to be even remotely similar or like
any of NGE's "Angels" (the Kaiju equivalent in NGE for those that may not know).
If I had to compare PR's Kaiju designs to anything…
then it would be to the "Zoanoids" of the Guyver manga and anime.
Of course in this case, the Kaiju wouldn't really be "Kaiju" anymore
because they would no longer be giant.
If PR's Kaiju were shrunk down to (about) human size,
they would fit into the Guyver show just fine.
If Guyver's Zoanoids were enlarged up to giant Kaiju size,
they would also fit right into PR just fine.
Again, I am only referring to the (monster) designs.

I have seen NGE multiple times.
(It is one of favorites, but not my only one)
Other than that PR and NGE are both giant robot Vs giant monster type shows,
I just cannot see why the comparison.

…….wait a minute……

Well….I suppose there is only one other thing that does come to mind:

-In episode 9 of Neon Genesis Evangelion,
there was a scene where 2 EVA pilots in 2 separate EVA robots,
were fighting a monster, while moving in perfect sync and cadence with each other.
(This maneuver was never used again in the rest of the NGE series)
-In Pacific Rim
the 2 Jaeger pilots, in a single Jaeger mecha,
move in perfect sync and cadence with each other, for normal operation.


I'm sure this Journal entry will offend all the NGE fans out there.
(Let the hate-mail commence I suppose)
But  go out and catch Pacific Rim, it's a hoot!
And please go out and watch other giant robot anime BESIDES NeonGenesisEvangelion.


Now with fiber
United States


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Jaedave Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Read your Pacific Rim Review, nice. Just saying that Big O did have giant monsters in it on a few occasions. Roger fights a giant serpent in episode 3 of season 1, and later a Giant Chimera. He then fights the serpent again in season 2, but it was transformed in to a Hydra. Just nitpicking.
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